"If art is an extension of people then art should be like people, and people are very complicated."

Albert Strawn and Derrick Hines’ electronic folk duo is one of Charlotte’s most dynamic groups. They write music on acoustic guitars, keyboards, sequencers, drum machines, iPads, melodicas, and glockenspiels played with a violin bows, as well as pretty much anything else they can get their hands on.

Not only gifted multi-instrumentalists Albert and Derrick are gifted songwriters as well. Alberts sing lyrics that are often dense in poetry, metaphor and meaning, while Derrick uses the songs he writes to tell fictional stories that are personal to him. Sometimes electronic, sometimes hip hop, sometimes singer/songwriter, sometimes something else entirely. Bless These Sounds Under the City is pushing the boundaries of what Charlotte music can be.

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On The Brink Of Life
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  • Nov 2016
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  • May 2014
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